Making Peace With History

Making Peace With History curriculum strives to (1)create greater awareness Nov. 3rd in Greensboro(2) provide a theoretical understanding of why such events tend to be overlooked in history, (3) introduce the Greensboro TRC, Rosewood Reparations Plan, and Wilmington Race Riot Commission as examples of how various communities have attempted to “Make Peace with History,” and (4) encourage further contemplation of these models’ application in future, present, and relevant contexts.


Pictures from GTRC Benefit Concert

Inspired by the work of the GTRC, Duke student band, Mr. Potter's Big News, held a benefit concert on April 14th, 2005 at Devines in Durham, N.C.
The event raised over $400 for the GTRC.
Mr. Potter's Big News: Dan Stevins, John Doherty, Zach Weisberg, Johnny Blades
Stephanie Vance

Dan Stevins, John Doherty, Zach Weisberg, Johnny Blades
Dan Stevins, Stephanie Vance, Zach Weisberg, John Doherty, Johnny Blades, and various concert goers


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